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  • May 2024
    Toyota C-HR, very good performance and fuel efficient
    —Lawrence Y - 2018 Toyota C-HR G Spec
  • Apr 2024
    Car's out look is very smart and beautiful. Colour is very decent. Fuel economy is superb. Drive smoothly. No noise. Reverse camera is very clear. Back seat spacing is very good.
    —Sajeela A - 2018 Toyota C-HR Hybrid S LED-Edition
  • Apr 2024
    Excellent car, a lot of safety features, reliable, fuel efficiency, easy to drive and so many others
    —Anjan K - 2018 Toyota C-HR Hybrid G LED Edition
  • Apr 2024
    Great so far, very economical on gas
    —Ellen I - 2018 Toyota C-HR G-spec Hybrid
  • Apr 2024
    Good vehicles specially for family
    —Franklin P - 2018 Toyota C-HR G Model & Reversing Camera !
  • Mar 2024
    I recommend Toyota CHR very efficient and comfortable
    —Marvin O - 2018 Toyota C-hr S
  • Mar 2024
    Great vechile, very cheap on fuel and a beauty to drive I LOVE IT!
    —Sinsemillia J - 2018 Toyota C-HR N Z NEW LIMITED
  • Feb 2024
    It’s a nice car however it’s not great if you have passengers in the back as very little leg room. Also boot space is smaller than it looks.
    —Abby-Gail M - 2018 Toyota C-HR Hybrid G
  • Feb 2024
    Has a good style and fuel economic.
    —Bernardita G - 2018 Toyota C-hr S
  • Feb 2024
    So far I have found the CHR a dream to drive, fuel economy is great.
    —KERRY S - 2018 Toyota C-HR Hybrid
  • Dec 2023
    Love my C-HR, great to drive, perfect size and although reviews say backseat room is limited there is plenty of leg room for my adult family.
    —Nichola W - 2018 Toyota C-HR HYBRID G
  • Dec 2023
    So smooth to drive, economic good on fuel
    —Debbie T - 2018 Toyota C-HR Hybrid
  • Nov 2023
    It's a good CAR
    —Ericson L - 2018 Toyota C-HR
  • Nov 2023
    Easy to drive and like that we a saving money on petrol
    —Tracey-Marie P - 2018 Toyota C-HR 1800cc Hybrid SuperLowKms
  • Nov 2023
    A stylish, very economical hybrid vehicle from the very reliable Toyota Brand.
    —Debra M - 2018 Toyota C-HR G Hybrid Model
  • Nov 2023
    It is a very comfortable car, that is very easy for me to get in and out of.
    —David C - 2018 Toyota C-HR G Hybrid Model
  • Oct 2023
    We were surprised at just how refined the Toyota C-HR is . YouTube reviews tend not to do it justice , it's a driver's car , the steering and handling balance is up there with some very expensive competitors .
    —Timothy M - 2018 Toyota C-HR
  • Oct 2023
    Very nice looking car ,very economical
    —Sookhraj R - 2018 Toyota C-HR
  • Oct 2023
    Very good car for the price.Nice to drive.Very good fuel economy
    —Neelika W - 2018 Toyota C-HR G
  • Oct 2023
    Height above ground. Fuel ⛽️ economy
    —Jeff E - 2018 Toyota C-HR
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