Insurance Options

We have a range of insurance products that can be added to protect you and your vehicle from unforeseen events. We currently offer Mechanical Breakdown Insurance, Credit Contract Indemnity and Guaranteed Asset Protection Insurance. Our team can also assist with a quote for full Comprehensive Insurance for vehicles.

Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

Buying a new or used vehicle is a major investment, so it’s wise to protect your vehicle against any sudden or unforeseen mechanical breakdowns or electrical failures by adding Mechanical Breakdown Insurance. The fact is, motor vehicles do break down from time to time and, whilst you don’t expect it to happen to your vehicle, it’s reassuring to know that there is a policy to help protect you against the inconvenience and the costs of repair. Our Mechanical Breakdown Insurance provides comprehensive and competitive cover for one, two or three years, and we offer a range of terms and excess options designed to suit you and your vehicle.


Cover for reasonable repair of most mechanical and electrical parts.

Cost Covered

Claim costs are paid directly to the repairer, so no need to front the costs.

Roadside Assistance

24-hour NZ Roadside Assistance including flat battery, towing, locked out, flat tyre, etc.

Find out more about the key benefits and features of our Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI) policy:

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Credit Contract Indemnity

When you borrow money you enter into an agreement to repay it back at a certain rate and over a certain period. However, things can change overtime and whilst you may be fit and healthy today, with a steady income and a secure future, unexpected events can very quickly change your situation. Adding Credit Contract Indemnity or CCI to your loan provides peace of mind by covering your loan repayments if any unexpected events happen likeillness, an accident, or a redundancy. With Credit Contract Indemnity you can relax knowing the money you borrow today can be repaid should the unexpected happen in the future.


There's only one low-cost premium which is added to your loan repayments.

Peace of Mind

Provides peace of mind forevents such as accident, illness, redundancy, bankruptcy, hospitalisation, and death.

Good Credit

Credit Contract Indemnity protects your credit rating andhelps to maintain a good relationship with lenders.

Find out more about the key benefits and features of our Credit Contract Indemnity (CCI) policy:

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Guaranteed Asset Protection Insurance

Even great drivers who take all of the precautions can have things happen. Adding Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) insurance to your loan covers you in case your car is stolen or written off from an accident and the insurance payout is less than the finance you still owe. For example, if you owe $15,000 on your car but the insurance value is $11,000, you will have a shortfall of $4,000 still to pay on your loan if your car is stolen or written off. GAP insurance will help you to pay this shortfall.


Protects you against a shortfall in an insurance payout due to depreciation of the car.

Less Risk

Especially important if you are putting less than a 20% deposit down.


Only one low-cost premium which is added to your loan repayments.

Find out more about the key benefits and features of our Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) Insurance policy:

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