• 2018 Holden Astra

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Comment Highlights (19)

  • Jul 2023
    This has been a lovely car to drive so far, drives well, handles very well, not too thirsty which is a bonus.
    —Kirstie H - 2018 Holden Astra R+ 1.4PT/6AT
  • Jul 2023
    So far I have no complains at all, super economic on the motorway and around town, comfort and space!
    —Gabriel V - 2018 Holden Astra Wagon LS+
  • Dec 2022
    Excellent purchase.
    —Hine L - 2018 Holden Astra Sedan LTZ AT
  • Nov 2022
    Very nice car. Economical on fuel and got plenty of power.
    —Vaisakh B - 2018 Holden Astra SEDAN LTZ AT 1.4P
  • Oct 2022
    5 Star safety rating. Lots of features for price
    —Denise H - 2018 Holden Astra Sedan LTZ AT
  • Sep 2022
    It’s a great car
    —Daniel P - 2018 Holden Astra Sedan LT AT
  • Sep 2022
    The car is lovely to drive and has every bell and whistle you can imagine
    —Jennifer H - 2018 Holden Astra
  • Aug 2022
    Travels on the road well
    —Angus P - 2018 Holden Astra Wagon LS+
  • Jul 2022
    Coming from a Holden Colorado space was something i still needed to have in my new vehicle and was able to keep a decent amount of space available.
    —Maria T - 2018 Holden Astra
  • Mar 2022
    A great value purchase
    —Damian H - 2018 Holden Astra RS
  • Mar 2022
    Spacious, safe car
    —Ho L - 2018 Holden Astra RS Hatch
  • Jan 2022
    Amazing car with awesome features!
    —Michael Z - 2018 Holden Astra Wagon LS+
  • Nov 2021
    Love it
    —Darren W - 2018 Holden Astra Wagon LS+
  • Apr 2021
    The LTZ Astra is a great car - looks and drives very well and has all the features that you expect on a car twice the price Excellent value for money and I like the stylish look of the sedan
    —Donna S - 2018 HOLDEN ASTRA SEDAN LTZ AT 1.4P
  • Mar 2021
    This is an awesome first vehicle not too big and not too small just right!!
    —Connor P - 2018 Holden Astra SEDAN LS AT 1.4P/6AT
  • Jan 2021
    It’s a great car with lots of features
    —Gemma R - 2018 Holden Astra
  • Dec 2020
    Drives well, plenty of additional power when needed. Nice vehicle, meets my requirements.
    —Melanie S - 2018 Holden Astra SEDAN LS AT 1.4P/6AT
  • Sep 2020
    Went from driving a crap box to this bad boy so it feels like a cloud.
    —Sarah G - 2018 Holden Astra Sedan LS AT
  • Jul 2020
    Due to the LOW LOW mileage, and the size and condition and the performance of the car drew our interest to purchase the car, I have no bad comments about Holden ASTRA,
    —Albert T - 2018 Holden ASTRA LOW LOW KMS