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  • Jun 2022
    Nice to drive but not good power. Wish I had known this. Even for a hybrid it is sluggish on pick up and the hills.
    —Susan N - 2015 Toyota Corolla Fielder Hybrid G Aero Tourer WXB
  • May 2022
    always a reliable car
    —TOP GEAR MOTORS LIMITED - 2015 Toyota Corolla GX
  • May 2022
    really good car to drive, it's a Toyota of course. plenty of space and good leg room, easy to get in and out of. being hybrid delivers economy plus.
    —ROBERT B - 2015 Toyota Corolla Fielder Hybrid HV-G Aero
  • May 2022
    Have only had this car for a week, but have found it it a great practical drive, with good fuel economy, great visibility, tight turning for maneuvering in confined spaces, large boot space, well designed interior and informative dashboard display. Just what we were looking for, for an economical family car.
    —Elizabeth L - 2015 Toyota Corolla FIELDER 1.5 HV HYBRID
  • May 2022
    I know next to nothing about cars, but I know that I've enjoyed owning and driving this one
    —Ibrahim A - 2015 Toyota Corolla axio
  • May 2022
    Going marvellously well. Really enjoy driving. A small engine driving like she's a big one. Feel very safe.
    —JAN O - 2015 Toyota Corolla FIELDER
  • Apr 2022
    An excellent vehicle. Reliable and cost effective to run. Can’t wait to pick it up
  • Apr 2022
    Very cheap on fuel
    —Manpreet S - 2015 Toyota Corolla axio
  • Apr 2022
    The car for a hatchback was surprisingly big and comfortable for my size being tall
    —Richard H - 2015 Toyota Corolla GLX
  • Apr 2022
    Economical and reliable.
    —Joanna O - 2015 Toyota Corolla GLX
  • Apr 2022
    Love this car! Reliable, fuel efficient, quiet and drives really smoothly. Also has 'oomph' when you need it.
    —Robyn L - 2015 Toyota Corolla GX Hatch
  • Mar 2022
    Economical and spacious.
    —DAISUKE E - 2015 Toyota COROLLA FIELDER / Hybrid
  • Mar 2022
    Almost half the fuel cost of my last two cars. Plenty of space too.
    —VAUGHAN A - 2015 TOYOTA Corolla Fielder
  • Mar 2022
    The best car for the job. Safety rating was hugely important to us. Car was in excellent clean condition when we picked it up. Top marks.
    —Coupland Properties Ltd - 2015 Toyota Corolla GX HATCH AUTO (NZNEW)
  • Feb 2022
    Toyota corolla fielder hybrid is a very reliable car and is very economic. If you do not require lot of horsepower and quick pickup to your car then this car is very good for it. Lots of space and can be used for camping.
    —Vineet P - 2015 Toyota Corolla FIELDER HYBRID
  • Feb 2022
    - Boot space for a hatchback is great in comparison to similar vehicles.
    —Doris M - 2015 Toyota Corolla GX
  • Feb 2022
    Good car, cheap on gas. Looks good.
    —JATIN S - 2015 Toyota Corolla axio
  • Feb 2022
    I am very pleased with the 2015 Toyota Corolla, it drove excellent back to my home town (600 kms). Very comfortable great fuel economy.
    —Robert N - 2015 Toyota Corolla GX 1.8P/CVT/HA/4DR/5
  • Feb 2022
    A great car for an even greater price
    —Jackson P - 2015 Toyota Corolla GX
  • Jan 2022
    Great car to drive
    —Jayden P - 2015 Toyota Corolla GX
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