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  • 2014 Nissan XTrail

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  • Oct 2021
    I love my new car… the only downside is the car mic 🎙 isnt that great and I can’t turn the volume up from the steering wheel…
    —Anida J - 2014 Nissan X-Trail 20X 7 Seater
  • Oct 2021
    So much space inside and very comfortable to drive
    —Elenoa A - 2014 Nissan X-Trail
  • Sep 2021
    The blind spot is quite large and takes a bit of getting used to.
    —Matthew H - 2014 Nissan X-Trail 20X 4WD 7seats
  • Sep 2021
    Has the room we need and towing capacity.
    —Geoffrey W - 2014 Nissan X-TRAIL GT S X TREMER X HYPER ROOF RAI
  • Sep 2021
    Very roomy and a comfortable ride
    —Lori H - 2014 Nissan X-TRAIL 20X 4WD 5ST EMARGENCY BRAKE PKG
  • Sep 2021
    Lovely model
    —joanne H - 2014 Nissan X- TRAIL 4WD
  • Aug 2021
    I love everything about my new car. I am so proud to own it and look forward to driving it every day.
    —Michelle H - 2014 Nissan X-Trail * New Model *
  • Aug 2021
    Great car with extra room. I found that there is more boot space in the X-Trail when the extra seats are up than other 7 seaters I looked at
    —Kimberley J - 2014 Nissan X-Trail 20X 7 Seater 4WD
  • Aug 2021
    Very cheap running
    —Sanish S - 2014 Nissan X-TRAIL 4WD 20S
  • Jul 2021
    We’re 100% happy with our xtrail. The fuel economy is off the charts and it has all the bells and whistles we’d ever hope our car to have. As well as being a good looking vehicle.
    —Martyn G - 2014 Nissan X-TRAIL LOW KMS
  • Jul 2021
    Value for money ,comfort , extra seats , 4wd and economical ,what else is needed
    —Srijith K - 2014 Nissan X-TRAIL 20X 4WD 7 Seats
  • Jul 2021
    Very roomy inside.
    —ALISON B - 2014 Nissan X-Trail 20X 7Seater 3YearWarrantyFree
  • Jul 2021
    Absolutely love it.
    —Catherine O - 2014 Nissan X-TRAIL 7 SEATER
  • Jul 2021
    Nice vehicle, very resourceful
  • Jun 2021
    Great car for our growing family. Have had no problems so far and don't regret our purchase at all.
    —Amenique W - 2014 Nissan X-trail 20X 4WD 7 SEATER
  • Jun 2021
    We’ve had the car for over three weeks now and have had no issues at all. So far so good. It drives really well and has some great features.
    —Taryn C - 2014 Nissan X-Trail 20X 4WD XTRAIL
  • Jun 2021
    Excellent condition very spacious. Exactly what we were looking for especially with a family of 5 it’s very spacious , comfortable and smooth to drive.
    —Jason F - 2014 Nissan X TRAIL ST 2.5P/6CVT/SW/5DR
  • Jun 2021
    Really good vehicle space wise, Features, safety and performance..Actually my first choice was Toyota Fortuner but when My recommend me to go for test drive for Nissan X trail then I realised it’s really perfect for me.
    —Tehal S - 2014 Nissan X-Trail 20X 7 Seater 4WD
  • Jun 2021
    I previously ran a 2008 X_ Trail as a work vehicle,( sales rep) ate up over 200,00km and only had to replace a wheel bearing apart from usual maintenance. They're a great jalopy!
    —Warren B - 2014 Nissan x-trail ST 2.5P/6CVT/SW/5DR
  • Apr 2021
    Big car , good for family
    —Noverson A - 2014 Nissan X-TRAIL 20s 2WD/4WD
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