• 2014 MercedesBenz A180

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  • Sep 2021
    Great car for everyday and long journeys. The seats are very sensitive to water and have already got a couple of water marks. lots of space in the boot. lots of good lighting inside the car
    —Rahul R - 2014 Mercedes-Benz A180
  • Aug 2021
    I am very happy that I purchased this Mercedes Benz car! Very elegant, beautiful looking car!! Well worth the price!!
    —Gyula H - 2014 Mercedes-Benz A 180
  • Jun 2021
    We love it
    —Lance F - 2014 Mercedes-Benz A180 AMG Package
  • Jun 2021
    Very happy with the purchase
    —KRISHNA CONSULTANCY LIMITED - 2014 Mercedes-Benz A 180 AMG Sports Package
  • May 2021
    Having had a 2L Golf GTI, I was concerned that the 1.6L would not have enough power, however this car has enough grunt when required plus it can be economical on gas, and I love the luxurious and sporty feel.
    —Maple G - 2014 Mercedes-Benz A 180 AMG Package
  • Apr 2021
    Love my purchase.
    —Alan E - 2014 Mercedes-Benz A 180 Sports
  • Apr 2021
    —Hyelim C - 2014 Mercedes-Benz A 180
  • Mar 2021
    If you have a sufficient budget I would suggest you buy the AMG one. Because that will be much more beautiful even my normal one is beautiful enough.
    —Niyang Z - 2014 Mercedes-Benz A180 BlueEFFICIENCY
  • Sep 2020
    It is a very economical car and has a good safety rating and is an unusual colour
    —Lorraine K - 2014 Mercedes-Benz A 180
  • Aug 2020
    great car and fun to drive
    —Reynaldo D - 2014 Mercedes-Benz A180 Sport AMG Night Package
  • Mar 2020
    A180 is good car for a small family and reliable and good in economy too. The name is enough for the performance of the car.
    —Sanjay S - 2014 MERCEDES BENZ A 180 **FACELIFT**LOW KM**
  • Mar 2020
    It is a small sporty car easy to drive and control It was so amazing...I like it so much
    —Vincent C - 2014 MERCEDES BENZ A 180 AMG **TURBO**
  • Jan 2020
    What a machine!!!
    —Gustavo S - 2014 Mercedes Benz A 180 BE Safety Pack / Sunroof / Half Leather
  • Aug 2017
    GOOD ~ Modern Design BAD ~ space/storage is quite small
    —Lee S - 2014 Mercedes-Benz A 180 BLUE EFFICIENCY