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  • Feb 2024
    Compact, handy and fuel efficient.
    —annie A - 2014 Honda Fit Hybrid S Package
  • Feb 2024
    Push start button, the machine turns off when on full brake saving fuel. The car still looks pretty. Happy with purchase
    —Marilyn G - 2014 Honda Fit 13-G F-Package
  • Feb 2024
    This Vehicle was nice and good appearance and mostly fuel efficient.
    —Leovin P - 2014 Honda Fit 13G F PACKAGE
  • Feb 2024
    This is a very spacious car which I will be using for a long time for my camping with my dog. I can sleep in it :)
    —donna D - 2014 Honda Fit Shuttle Hybrid Smart Selection Cool Edition
  • Dec 2023
    So far the car has been driving great. It has all the space I need and more. The fuel efficiency has met my expectations. I would advise other drivers to check the safety features of the specific Honda Fit they are looking at, because they are not all the same and my vehicle does not have the curtain airbags that I would have liked. Also, with the car being a Japanese import, the stereo is in Japanese and does not have the option to change the language to English.
    —MEGHAN M - 2014 Honda Fit 1.3G SuperLowKM 3YearWarrantyFree
  • Dec 2023
    Honda fits are absolutely awesome cars to buy Thier sleek looks and amazing spacious interior makes it very helpful combining with their fuel efficiency and power I would recommend anyone looking for a good ride it's a small car but very spacey the seats at the back fold down to get extra packages in the boot, if you look after these cars and get the oil and filter serviced every 10 000kms also change your spark plugs when it's hits 80 000kms they are extremely efficient and reliable
    —Mohammed K - 2014 Honda Fit Jazz Late Shape
  • Nov 2023
    We absloutly love our new car and it has a already saved us money in petrol. Win win really.
    —Emma M - 2014 Honda FIT HYBRID S-PACKAGE
  • Nov 2023
    Honda Fit really fits for needs for my everyday use. I like because it's hybrid and cost effective for me.
    —Caney L - 2014 Honda Fit Hybrid L PACKAGE
  • Nov 2023
    Very happy with my car. Fabulous on fuel! Tidy and easy to drive.
    —Amy H - 2014 Honda Fit HYBRID
  • Nov 2023
    The good thing about this car is its fuel efficiency and comfort.
    —reynaldo G - 2014 Honda FIT Hybrid F-PKG
  • Oct 2023
    Fuel efficiency.
    —Pikiaere P - 2014 Honda FIT HYBRID S-PACKAGE
  • Oct 2023
    I'm very satisfied and happy! Honda fit is really good.
    —Joice P - 2014 Honda Fit HYBRID L PACKAGE
  • Oct 2023
    Good fuel consumption, Stunning appearance.
    —Mariangela A - 2014 Honda Fit Hybrid
  • Oct 2023
    it is very reliable and a good car for me as an international student here. convenience and save fuel a lot.
    —Engku E - 2014 Honda Fit 1.5lt Hybrid L-Package
  • Oct 2023
    Good size for a small car, nice to drive.
    —COURTNEY S - 2014 Honda Fit Jazz Late Shape
  • Oct 2023
    Nice car but unsuitable for towing.
    —John N - 2014 Honda Fit Hybrid L Package
  • Sep 2023
    Light on fuel. I get 650km on a full tank fuel driving from flatbush to botany, return.
    —Kimeshan P - 2014 Honda Fit Jazz Late Shape
  • Sep 2023
    Very happy with car, extra features like proximity unlocking, excellent reversing camera, love the colour. Very economic so far.
    —Conor O - 2014 Honda FIT HYBRID L PACKAGE
  • Sep 2023
    The dash looks awesome with all the blue lights on at night. Peppy and looks good.
    —Lorraine M - 2014 Honda FIT
  • Sep 2023
    Nice looking car, comfortable, plenty of power. seems economical so far.
    —Lareen B - 2014 Honda Fit HYBRID
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