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  • Jun 2021
    This vehicle was beyond on expectations with its many safety and technical features. Everything we wanted and more!
    —Ashleigh R - 2013 Mazda Atenza 2.2 XD L Pkg
  • Jun 2021
    Car is awesome runs really well am happy with the purchase
    —Jordan K - 2013 Mazda Atenza 2.2lt T/Diesel Leather Package
  • May 2021
    Great car yo drive ... plenty of power when needed... auto lights n wipers are a bonus ..it even turn high/low beam on n off as needed .. plenty of safety features .... heated front seats...and a sexy looking car to boot ... Char
    —Charmagne L - 2013 Mazda Atenza / 6 Wagon 25S
  • May 2021
    Very fuel efficient Nice smooth drive Spacious
    —Morgane G - 2013 Mazda Atenza
  • Mar 2021
    Mean ride..grab one for a test drive.
    —Ronith P - 2013 Mazda Atenza Sedan 25S L Package
  • Mar 2021
    Heaps of room. Looks good. Great to drive
    —Kaylah M - 2013 Mazda Atenza Wagon XD
  • Mar 2021
    they are a great car for there age, very quick, cheep on fuel, many late model safety features comfortable and has very good road holding
    —Laurence F - 2013 Mazda Atenza 2.2XD iStop
  • Feb 2021
    Great car. Enjoying driving it.
    —Andrew D - 2013 Mazda Atenza XD
  • Feb 2021
    Spacious. Very quick which I didn't expect. Comfortable
    —PAUL W - 2013 Mazda Atenza XD
  • Feb 2021
    Very nice to drive! Comfortable seats, loving the adaptive cruise control and a number of safety features are very handy. Overall a very nice car!
    —Sarah D - 2013 Mazda Atenza XD L Package 6 Speed Manual
  • Feb 2021
    Very good fuel consumption. Good appearance. Good boot space for my equipment. Very comfortable.
    —Neil J - 2013 Mazda Atenza 20S Stationwagon
  • Feb 2021
    Definitely a good car if you’re looking at something to carry the family around in! Nice and clean to drive.
    —Joshua R - 2013 Mazda Atenza XD Turbo Diesel
  • Feb 2021
    Is what a mazda should look n perform!!
    —Christopher U - 2013 Mazda Atenza Diesel Leather Wagon
  • Feb 2021
    —PELETASALA S - 2013 Mazda Atenza SEDAN XD
  • Jan 2021
    Very comfortable drive in all the seats. Heaps of storage.Great fuel economy, yet powerful engine.
    —Iain W - 2013 Mazda Atenza 2.0S Sport Wagon Skyactiv
  • Jan 2021
    So far love the car, no issues and took on a long drive with no issues and fuel wasnt half bad either which is always a win.
    —JESSICAH T - 2013 Mazda ATENZA
  • Jan 2021
    Love my new car
    —Leah P - 2013 Mazda Atenza 20 S
  • Jan 2021
    Really love the car
    —James W - 2013 Mazda Atenza Wagon 2.2lt T/Diesel Leather Package
  • Dec 2020
    Very fuel economic and does everything we needed it to.
    —BOSCO WINES LIMITED - 2013 Mazda Atenza Wagon XD Diesel
  • Dec 2020
    Great car to drive, good power and functions. Nice and spacious inside. Good boot space. The istop works really well.
    —Nicholas K - 2013 Mazda Atenza 25S Leather Package
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