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  • Apr 2022
    I definitely recommend the 4wd version over the 2wd
    —Terry L - 2012 Toyota VANGUARD 240S 4WD 5 SEATER
  • Apr 2022
    The Vanguard is a great family car!
    —Andrew C - 2012 Toyota VANGUARD 240S S/R 5STR
  • Feb 2022
    A great car and affordable for anyone.
    —DISSANAYAKA G - 2012 Toyota Vanguard 240S 2WD 5SEATS
  • Feb 2022
    It’s a very nice and neat car, not too big not too small, perfect vehicle for a long trip. Very large boot space for anything you need. Overall great car for every occasion
    —Junhong C - 2012 Toyota Vanguard 240S 4WD 5 Seater
  • Feb 2022
    This is a really great car, with plenty of room & storage, good power, modern features, high safety rating and excellent fuel economy. A very reliable and economical car.
    —Glen P - 2012 Toyota VANGUARD 240S - 7 SEATS
  • Jan 2022
    Nice to drive, but a bit heavy on gas
    —Stephanie F - 2012 Toyota Vanguard 240S
  • Dec 2021
    Its a great car so far, smooth runner, great condition and presented very well.
    —PETER G - 2012 Toyota Vanguard 240S LEATHER PACKAGE
  • Dec 2021
    It’s a reliable, spacious and Toyota make
    —Vaibhav S - 2012 Toyota Vanguard
  • Dec 2021
    Great that there were 2 options for this type being a 7 seater or 5 seater
    —Chelsea G - 2012 Toyota VANGUARD
  • Dec 2021
    A great family car. Smooth and responsive plus it has 5 star safety rating.
    —Ronald V - 2012 Toyota Vanguard 240S S-PACKAGE
  • Dec 2021
    We love it so far!
    —Alice B - 2012 Toyota Vanguard 240S
  • Dec 2021
    So far loving the vehicle.
    —Mauritz J - 2012 Toyota Vanguard 240 S S Package
  • Nov 2021
    Only had the car for 2 weeks now and no problems so far. Love everything about it
    —Kerry T - 2012 Toyota Vanguard 240 S / 7 Seater / Sunroof
  • Nov 2021
    This car replaced previous vanguard involved in Car accident and safety in that instance was excellent
    —Francis Q - 2012 Toyota Vanguard 240S G Package
  • Nov 2021
    The Toyota Vanguard is a spacious SUV that give you the option of an extra row of seats or a large boot. Knowing that Toyota is a reputable brand, alongside all the added features like heated seats and sun roof make these cars an affordable option for families.
    —Tiffany D - 2012 Toyota Vanguard 240S 7 Seater
  • Nov 2021
    Good all around vehicle. Holds a lot of gear. A bit underpowered, but no issues for the normal user.
    —Julian M - 2012 Toyota Vanguard 240S 4WD 5 Seater
  • Nov 2021
    A very nice car and doesn’t feel too big when driving.
    —Michelle C - 2012 Toyota Vanguard 240S 2WD 7 Seater
  • Oct 2021
    It’s really nice car
    —Hardeep M - 2012 Toyota Vanguard 240S G-Package
  • Oct 2021
    Great car for our family of five. The 2 car seats fit perfectly for our little ones, and our older child has room to herself in the back seats. Be mindful that if putting up the back seats, you lose boot space, so if going on holiday or traveling etc, and using as a.7 seater , you may want to consider a roof box to put on your roof racks for extra space. Also having car seats installed means you also lose leg room in the back seats, which would not be Ideal for an adult or tall person. Also would recommend black interior as opposed to cream as with children the cream gets dirty very quickly. Otherwise excellent car does exactly what we needed it to do.
    —Allie P - 2012 Toyota Vanguard
  • Oct 2021
    Nothing bad to comment about! Love the shape, size, 7 seats is a must for me, goes well but not too expensive to run.
    —Katrina F - 2012 Toyota Vanguard 240S S Package 7 Seat
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