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  • May 2022
    Great car overall. We are very happy with it.
    —Bernedette M - 2011 Mazda Premacy 20S
  • Apr 2022
    Great ride and space for family and camping
    —Ross B - 2011 Mazda Premacy
  • Apr 2022
    A very spacious family vehicle.
    —Victoria R - 2011 Mazda Premacy 20S
  • Apr 2022
    Good space for camping out at the beach or fitting a surf board in with ease.
    —Karlos B - 2011 Mazda Premacy
  • Feb 2022
    I love this car. It has more features in it than a car with fewer years.
    —Leigh-Anne P - 2011 Mazda Premacy 20S, 7Seater
  • Jan 2022
    Luxury and comfortable vehicle. I and my kids enjoying having Mazda premacy
    —Manisha G - 2011 Mazda Premacy 20E
  • Dec 2021
    Very happy with the Mazda Premacy. The car is great. Very economical
    —Danielle-Marie S - 2011 Mazda Premacy
  • Nov 2021
    Fantastic family wagon for hubby, our toddler and baby on the way. Even though it's a 7 seater it doesn't feel that big. Affordable and has all the nice features a Mazda comes with. Great safety rating
    —Anna N - 2011 Mazda Premacy 20 E
  • Nov 2021
    It is spacious, runs smooth and definitely powerful enough on the motorway.
    —Sai F - 2011 Mazda PREMACY 20S
  • Nov 2021
    That’s car is amazing experience for my life.and I am very happy about it.
    —Khuyen T - 2011 Mazda PREMACY
  • Oct 2021
    It is a good car and affordable
    —Ronald L - 2011 Mazda Premacy
  • Sep 2021
    Stoked with it and better on petrol than I thought.
    —Pamela G - 2011 Mazda Premacy
  • Aug 2021
    Really tidy interior. Heaps of space. Good on fuel. Reversing camera. Sliding doors!
    —Rochell B - 2011 Mazda Premacy
  • Aug 2021
    Perfect for young family
    —Paul S - 2011 Mazda Premacy 20S
  • Aug 2021
    Very comfortable and big space
    —Edgar D - 2011 Mazda Premacy
  • Jul 2021
    The car is very nice and drives very well I guess the down side off the car is that it has two batteries one for istop which by goggling the price its expensive to replace it. But overall the car is amazing
    —Upolu L - 2011 Mazda PREMACY
  • Jul 2021
    Great family car of 7 have heaps of space once flod seat down comfortable seats csr not too high not too low
    —Chatlada J - 2011 Mazda Premacy
  • Jun 2021
    Safety rating is excellent + fuel. Ideal 7 seater for small families. Control button for left side sliding door is great for easy access. Comfortable seating also. Good control power steering and brakes for comfort driving. Sound system is awsome, Bluetooth connection etc Car runs smooth, with istop and eco system in place. Overall the Mazda Premacy is a great vehicle for long and short trips.
    —Jordan N - 2011 Mazda Premacy 20E 7 seater
  • May 2021
    I love this car so far, I had a Toyota Ipsum for 15 years and loved that, but this feels like a step up, the sliding back doors are great for kids too!
    —Bobby B - 2011 Mazda Premacy
  • Apr 2021
    Good size. Automatic doors is good Fuel is good Small size boot
    —Soan K - 2011 Mazda Premacy
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