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  • Mar 2022
    Very good entry level vehicle (BMW), good value
    —Prishani V - 2011 BMW X1 1 NZ Owner, low ks, nice n tidy
  • Feb 2022
    It is not big car like other SUV and not much space inside too but it is good for small family
    —Ye O - 2011 BMW X1
  • Nov 2021
    This is an awesome vehicle.
    —Sean M - 2011 BMW X1 X1 SDRIVE 18I
  • Oct 2021
    The vehicle itself is easy to handle, the feeling of its ride is smooth, yet you feel incredibly safe if I compare it with other SUVs. Inside, I particularly liked how the design is in a way that has fewer distractions. There aren't many buttons that you may find annoying, unlike other vehicles nowadays. You tend to be distracted because of the busy design of it. The outside appearance of the car to me is a plus because it is only simple yet elegant.
    —Paola P - 2011 BMW X1 Sdrive
  • Aug 2021
    Very lovely car to drive. Love the feel. Lovely sound quality from the stereo. Downside would be no tinted windows. Other than that awesome vehicle overall.
    —RATUROA M - 2011 BMW X1
  • Jul 2021
    It's a great car with beautiful looks and features.
    —Yaadwinder S - 2011 BMW X1
  • Jul 2021
    My dream car 😊
    —Mrunalini Y - 2011 BMW X1 X Drive 25 i High Line / Sunroof / Leater Seats / 4WD
  • Jun 2021
    Love it! Drives incredibly well, looks great.
    —Triona D - 2011 BMW X1
  • May 2021
    love my new car
    —Dimitrios T - 2011 BMW X1 X Drive 25 i / Leater Seats / 4WD / 19 Inch Alloys
  • May 2021
    I absolutely love my bmw. Couldn’t ask for a better car.
    —Megan T - 2011 BMW X1
  • Apr 2021
    Good car but fuel economy wise not a good choice. Because my car is already a gas-guzzler!
    —Sunny K - 2011 BMW X1
  • Jan 2021
    Good thanks
    —ALFREDO L - 2011 BMW X1
  • Jan 2021
    Great little SUV and was needed as had another addition to the family and the wife's current 1 Series didn't have enough room. She is very happy.
    —Jonathan R - 2011 BMW X1 S-Drive 2.0L Diesel SAV
  • Dec 2020
    Make sure yours comes with a boot cover !! As mine wasn’t attached and I’m still waiting to receive it from them !!
    —Kendle-Lee F - 2011 BMW X1 S Drive 18 i High Line / Leather Seats
  • Dec 2020
    Love this car! Great condition!
    —Laura D - 2011 BMW X1 sDrive 18i
  • Nov 2020
    The car is smoothly move so is very soft
    —Nianhuai Y - 2011 BMW X1
  • Jul 2020
    Very happy with my purchase
    —Albert W - 2011 BMW X1
  • Jul 2020
    Really love this car. Feel safe and confident driving it. Great for dog mums.
    —Danielle A - 2011 BMW X1
  • Jul 2020
    Me my family & friend they all loved it as it speaks itself fir low mileage car ( almost new)
    —Iftikhar K - 2011 BMW X1
  • Jun 2020
    I just bought this car for my wife and she’s very happy to have BMW X1 because she was looking for it , I think this car very good and nice looking car for women 😂😂😂
    —Ali B - 2011 BMW X1
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