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  • Jun 2021
    Its good but they didn’t help me enough
    —Fiona S - 2009 Toyota Prius Hybrid
  • May 2021
    I moved from one good Prius to an exceptional one. My 2009 Prius has amazing features and even more fuel economy, drives really well and I am in love with it!
    —Faith N - 2009 Toyota Prius S Touring Selection
  • May 2021
    Buy a Hybrid. Save money on petrol 😉
    —Sheralee R - 2009 Toyota Prius Hybrid
  • May 2021
    Very happy with the vehicle.
    —Puja J - 2009 Toyota Prius L
  • May 2021
    It's a great, spacious car. Back seats lie flat which is a great feature. Doesn't have a rear windscreen wipe sadly.
    —SIENNA D - 2009 Toyota Prius Hybrid
  • Apr 2021
    Very economical on fuel. A pleasure to drive.
    —Lisa-May E - 2009 Toyota Prius Hybrid
  • Apr 2021
    The fuel economy is impressive
    —Stephen H - 2009 Toyota Prius S
  • Apr 2021
    Like the prius, comfy to drive and great om petrol.
    —Imogen S - 2009 Toyota Prius G TOURING SELECTION
  • Apr 2021
    Very smooth to drive, great on fuel economy.
    —Cyrielle H - 2009 Toyota Prius Hybrid
  • Mar 2021
    Our Prius has proven to be a great road car with a stable, solid feel and great gas mileage.
    —Trevor D - 2009 Toyota Prius 'S' Hybrid 1.8lt
  • Mar 2021
    Overall this vehicle is very easy to drive I like the colour and also the amount of money I can save at the end of the year with the 1700cc engine as compared with the 3500cc Honda engine that I traded in
    —Robert H - 2009 Toyota Prius 1.8S 8Airbags 1YearWarrantyFree
  • Mar 2021
    We love the car. Its easy to drive. Would highly recommend this vehicle.
    —Lynette G - 2009 Toyota Prius S
  • Mar 2021
    Great car, very smooth and enjoyable to drive. Feels very safe and amazing on fuel.
    —Isaac L - 2009 Toyota Prius Hybrid
  • Feb 2021
    Toyota Prius hybrid its good to drive. It's boring to drive coz its silence ,but i love it and save the gas.
    —ALEJANDRO B - 2009 Toyota Prius hybrid
  • Feb 2021
    Really great car, loving it!!
    —Jeremy B - 2009 Toyota Prius 'S' Hybrid 1.8lt
  • Feb 2021
    My purchase was definitely made with my head, not my heart. Although I’ve come to enjoy (& love) the quirkiness of the Prius.
    —Brendon W - 2009 Toyota Prius G
  • Feb 2021
    It's a good vehicle and a comfortable ride with cheap gas.....
    —Nalin H - 2009 Toyota Prius hybrid
  • Jan 2021
    So far we love it. Nice to drive and economical
    —Emily J - 2009 Toyota Prius 1800cc New shape
  • Dec 2020
    Its very very economical and nice to drive plus being good to the eye
    —Caren A - 2009 Toyota Prius
  • Dec 2020
    Economic wise i had a right choice.
    —Sun K - 2009 Toyota Prius
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