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  • Jun 2022
    Great car to fit all the kids that's not a loser cruiser.
    —Catherine S - 2008 Subaru Exiga
  • Jun 2022
    As far as 7 seaters go, it doesn't have an enormous amount of space. I have 3 children's car seats installed and it is annoying that one child has to climb in through the boot. Otherwise I can not fault the vehicle
    —Annelise N - 2008 Subaru Exiga
  • Mar 2022
    Absolutely love it! I previously had a 2005 MAZDA MPV 7 seater. I still wanted to stick to the 7 seater option but a car a bit more stylish, less bulky n van like and wasn't so slow when taking off at a set of lights. It's definitely a gas guzzler but that was expected before purchasing and wasn't really an issue.
    —Catherine R - 2008 Subaru Exiga 2.0GT 4WD
  • Dec 2021
    Excellent 7 seater family car, with ability to transform into 5 seater with ample boot space. Easy to add a tow bar and roof racks for more space. Very reliable car and comfortable and easy to drive, with excellent turbo power. Push start and electric seats a great bonus, as well as sun roof.
    —Rebecca C - 2008 Subaru Exiga
  • Dec 2021
    Haven't received it yet so can't comment
    —Andrew M - 2008 Subaru Exiga
  • Nov 2021
    Very happy with this car
    —Sadie-Lynne P - 2008 Subaru Exiga 2.0L-GT
  • Sep 2021
    So comfortable. Fits 3 seats across the all seat perfectly. Drives like a small car even though it's a 7 seater, has an amazing turning circle. Super easy to drive but is quite thirsty on petrol.
    —Jess F - 2008 Subaru EXIGA 2.0GT 4WD 7 Seater Turbo
  • Jul 2021
    The vehicle as a whole is fantastic.
    —Macleod M - 2008 Subaru EXIGA
  • May 2021
    Great car for kids, enough room too take other family members around also.
    —Jasmine M - 2008 Subaru Exiga
  • Apr 2021
    Car drives line a dream
    —Amanda G - 2008 Subaru Exiga
  • Mar 2021
    Love it, its so good having the extra space! Highly recommend if a 7seater is what your looking for
    —Astrid F - 2008 SUBARU Exiga
  • Mar 2021
    Love the comfort and space of the Exiga. It's economical but had lots of power. Very smooth ride and super modern inside.
    —Heather M - 2008 Subaru EXIGA 2.0GT 4WD
  • Jan 2021
    Loads of room even with the 2 rear seats up, leg room is great in all areas
    —Teri M - 2008 Subaru EXIGA 2.0L 2WD 7 Seater
  • Jan 2021
    Very nice indeed.
  • Dec 2020
    Would recommend couldn't go wrong great value for money
    —Tane D - 2008 Subaru Exiga
  • Nov 2020
    Heavier in petrol than what the petrol rating on the vehicle said
    —Megan F - 2008 Subaru Exiga TURBO 7 SEATS GOOD KMS
  • Aug 2020
    Good cheap 7 seater
    —Rebecca H - 2008 Subaru EXIGA 2.0i-L
  • Aug 2020
    I love my car
    —Heather Q - 2008 Subaru Exiga
  • May 2020
    Good fast car with heaps of room!
    —Jason M - 2008 Subaru Exiga 2.0GT 4WD
  • Feb 2020
    Its a good car. I highly recommend it
    —Raymond T - 2008 Subaru EXIGA 2.0I-S 4WD
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